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Membership Conduct

Members should treat the establishment with respect as if it was their own house – we expect high
standards and immaculate etiquette. However, all members should be aware that we allow only four
guests per member per single entrance unless by prior arrangement or approved by management.


Members are responsible for the peaceable behavior of guests and we would ask you to request your
guests not to take any photos or videos. Thank you.


At any time if you have any suggestions or criticisms we would hope that you will share them with us.
Please feel free to email


Please look forward to our occasional email newsletters and notifications of events and promotions
(about every 4 weeks).

Terms And Conditions

Membership applications and payment terms

Membership applications are considered by the membership committee. Applications to join may be
made by e-mail at
Applicants are requested to fill in a membership application form, including the initial subscription
payment details and the accompanying Direct Debit instruction and revert back via once completed.
It is a requirement that all applications are supported by a payment method for membership
subscription fees. In addition to Direct Debit we accept Credit Card payments. You may pay your annual
membership fee in one payment at the start of your new membership period. Credit Card details can be
provided via our payment link, this will be sent to you upon application or renewal. One proposing
member is required.
Payment details are confidential, and the payment will only be presented should your application be

Membership Cancellation Policy

The minimum term of membership is one full year. We ask that requests for membership cancellation
be made in writing 60 days before the annual renewal date. Only written notice will be accepted for
membership cancellation. Annual fees are non-refundable.

Food and Drink Bills – We require all bills to be fully paid at the time of consumption, there will be no
credit system in place

Confidentiality of Membership Records

All the basic information we hold is taken from the original membership application form and held on
our membership database. This is updated as new information is provided by members themselves.
Apart from the original application form, no complete set of information is left in printed form.

It is forbidden for staff at Neera Private Members Club to reveal a member’s home address or telephone
number unless the member has given the authority to do so. We are always conscious of the need for
confidentiality where members are concerned, and we hope they feel secure with the methods we
employ to ensure it.


As a member, we will email you regularly with relevant information about your Club. This includes
opening times, offers about private events, member events and happenings within the club, plus any
other information we feel is relevant or important to you as a member of the club. If you do not wish to
receive this information please contact

Age restriction

As per Government law guests have to be 21+

Proof of identity

Valid proof of identity documents are:

  • Passport.
  • National Identity (Emirates ID) card with a photo.
  • Driving license.

Dress Code Entry Policy

“Smart & Elegant”. For the lady’s heels are a must. For the gents, only dark elegant shoes with trousers
and a shirt. Trainers are accepted for men as long as they are clean and tidy.

Behavior Policy

The club security will not allow entry for any intoxicated or misbehaving members or guests. Rude
behavior will also mean instant refusal to entry.

Neera’s management has the right to refuse entry when the requirements are not matched or for any
other reason. Their decision cannot be changed.